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Raising Beth Ann as a single parent had not been easy; but Beth Ann would be a high school senior next school year and off to college after that.

She's a good girl, one a mother can be proud of thought Katie. No drugs, no trouble with the law, very studious, I'm lucky. And some young boy is going to be lucky when he gets Beth Ann. Although sometimes I wish she was just a little less of a good girl. Katie had lost her virginity when she was fifteen when she was a sophomore in high school. Her date to the prom had gotten her drunk and taken her virginity when she passed out.

After that Katie had sex on a regular basis with whomever she was dating. It might be better if Beth Ann had some practical sexual experiences before her wedding night though Katie. But Beth Ann was adamant and it did not seem to be a position one could argue with. How you tell you daughter it might be better to get laid a few times so you know which end is up on your wedding night was a question Katie was not prepared to answer. It would be nice if I had a man in my life but I lived without one for the last sixteen years and I can probably last another sixteen thought Katie.

Katie decided many years ago that between her job and her daughter, there was no time for a relationship. Katie was certainly attractive enough to snare a man; but it was a question of priorities. Still it would be exciting to have a steady beau especially on weekends like this when Beth Ann was invited by the Roberson's to go to the lake.

The Roberson's daughter, Cheryl, was Beth Ann's best friend and the girls had been looking forward to spending the weekend at the Roberson's lakefront home. They planned to water ski every day.

Katie would be alone all weekend for the first time in a long time. Might as well get used to being by myself. Beth Ann was hoping to attend college back east in the Ivy League. Katie's mood darkened when she thought about what she had done exactly four weeks ago tomorrow. She wondered why her letter to the SEC had not produced at least a minor blowup. Katie thought about how she had arrived at her decision to post a detailed statement outlining exactly what was devious, wrong, misleading and outright illegal with Enron's use of off shore financial entities to overstate the company's profits.

Of course, she had sent it anonymously. She had even worn latex gloves to print the letter and prepare the envelope. Enron's senior management could be amazingly aggressive in searching out employees who tried to secretly double-cross management. Katie didn't want her fingerprints on that letter. Anyone who openly questioned what Andy was doing, quickly found themselves unemployed.

With Beth Ann starting to college in less than two years and tuition in the stratosphere, Katie needed her job. The pay and bonuses from Enron would be hard to match anywhere else. She had spent hours of her own time reviewing documentation of the several hundred incredibly complex off shore deals that Andy had fashioned.

She kept trying to convince herself they were sound business deals in the company's interests. But, ultimately there were only two conclusions that any person knowledgeable in corporate finance could reach. One was that Andrew and his wife Lea were personally benefiting from the agreements and secondly that that the agreements were being used to vastly overstate Enron's profits.

Katie had told herself she was motivated by company loyalty. She loved her job and considered Enron a great place to work. Why would I let that bastard screw it up? He can destroy Enron with his actions. Investors and lenders would walk away leaving the company in bankruptcy if they knew half of what was going on here.

Katie had considered going to the CEO, Jeffrey Skilling or maybe even Kenneth Lay, the Chairman, but every time she saw them together with Andy, they treated each other like a band of brothers. Skilling or Lay would probably assume that Katie was just a disgruntled employee, pissed off because they didn't like the size of their bonus or passed over for promotion. Still it had been four weeks, since she had dropped the letter in the mail to the SEC and nothing had happened.

Katie rationalized that the SEC was a government agency and it would take them forever to react. Katie had been careful about the letter. She had driven almost miles out of Houston to post the letter from a small rural post office. She was certain there was no way they could trace it back to her. There were over employees in Enron's Accounting Department.

Any of them could have sent it or for that matter, the whistle blower could even be an Arthur Andersen employee or maybe one of the myriad consultants running around Enron Center. Katie told herself to relax and enjoy the weekend. She planned to spend Saturday shopping and maybe ever have her hair restyled. There was a new day spa at the mall near her home.

Maybe she would treat herself to a half day of pampering including a massage and a manicure. Perhaps I'll buy a new bathing suit and relax around the pool. Salvador will be there.

My God Katie Parker stop it thought Katie. I'll just take it easy tonight and really enjoy myself tomorrow. I'll go to a movie in the afternoon and not even be there when Salvador arrives. Out of habit, Katie threw some work in her briefcase and headed toward her reserved parking place in the garage underneath Enron Center. The garage was nearly empty. It was after 8: Katie had stayed late to create an analysis that Andy said he had to have for a Saturday meeting. Andy had sprung this on her at the last minute.

Strange thought Katie as she approached her car. Instead of Karl Butcher's Lexus parked beside her Audi, there was a white panel truck. Although this was the area of the garage where spaces were reserved for VPs and above, things were less restrictive after office hours. Maybe Karl sold the Lexus and bought a truck. Not likely thought Katie. He was always telling her what a terrific car the Lexus was and that she should trade her Audi in for a new SC sports coupe. As Katie reached down to open her car door she heard the side door of the panel truck slide open behind her.

Startled, Katie began to turn when she heard a popping sound and felt a sharp jab in the back of her neck. Almost instantly, her vision blurred and she felt herself falling. Before she could hit the ground, someone grabbed her from behind. Everything went black as something covered her head. Her last memory was being lifted into the panel truck and hearing the large door sliding closed. She heard someone say, "There's her purse and keys.

Where the fuck am I? Ugh, my mouth feels like it's full of cotton. And my arms are killing me. I was leaving work, in the parking garage, and getting into my car when someone came up behind me.

They mist have drugged me. It took several minutes for the dizziness to clear enough for her to focus her thoughts. Katie still felt drugged and nauseated. Something's wrong with my eyes. I'm blind thought Katie panicking as she opened her eyes but couldn't see. Seconds later she realized her eyes were covered with something. She could feel tape wrapped around her head and something soft, maybe cotton, covering her eyes. There was some sort of cloth bag covering her head. She could feel the bag's drawstring around her neck.

It was hot inside the bag and she was perspiring. I'm hanging by my arms realized Katie. That's what was causing all the pain. The pain in her shoulders was numbing her brain. Katie sensed that her feet were barely touching the floor. Her back was scraping against what felt like a masonry wall.

Katie struggled to adjust her stance transferring her weight from arms to feet. Straps attached to her ankles caused her to assume a wide legged stance.

Still, standing on her feet brought enough relief to Katie's body that her mind began to function. As the mental fog cleared her emotions changed quickly to fear. Jesus thought Katie I'm chained up naked to a wall. There's not a stitch of clothing on my body.

My God, maybe a serial killer or a rapist has kidnapped me. I'll be tortured and killed. The thought of being in the control of some horrible demented murderer terrified her. Katie heard a door open and sensed someone entering the room. Call Andy," a male voice said calling outward as if he was talking to a person in another room. From the sound, Katie knew that one of the two men had left the room. There was the sound of footsteps as someone walked over and put his hand on her breast.

Katie jumped and yelled, "Don't, I'll scream for help. Scream all you want, screaming gets me creaming," said the man laughing quietly at his own word play.

She still couldn't see but breathing was easier. She took a deep inhale that was cut short when her assailant placed both his hands on her naked breasts and squeezed them hard. You promised you would yell your head off. Nice tits," said the voice relaxing his grip then cupping and lifting them. Her mind registered the fact that he knew her name. They must have rifled her purse.

Nipples, nipples, nipples, how I love to play with nipples," said the voice as he rolled Katie's nipples between his thumb and forefinger. If I was some guy you picked up in bar, you'd be moaning your head off and begging me for this. His lips made a sucking sound as they pursed around her nipple and sucked it. Katie could feel the presence of his saliva on her skin.

Katie moaned in fear and despair. His hands reached around and cupped her buttocks pulling her pubic region against his groin. She could feel his manhood through his trousers. He rubbed the lump against her pubic region using her cupped buttocks to pull her tight against him. You women are all the same.

Love to grind it. My daddy used to say women come in two models: Now ask me what's the difference? I never got over being breast-fed. My Mom had a great set of jugs when she was young. You didn't answer my question. She recalled that one of the recommendations was to keep the rapists talking. The instructor had cited cases where the woman had actually talked the rapists out of it.

Somehow she didn't think that was going to work in her situation. You got big zickers. I'd say two inches across at least. But, yes it's definitely whatever I say. You tied up, naked and helpless. You're going to get fucked, more than once, deal with it. Katie reacted automatically by clinching her lips shut.

The man drew back and hesitated for a moment like he was thinking about something before he spoke "Lack of cooperation will not be acceptable. See that tool bench across the room. Oh, sorry, you can see anything. Well there's a decent collection of hand tools I could use to make you cooperate. Oh, that's going to hurt like hell. Leave an ugly scar and hurt like hell. Burns take forever to heal too," said the man. This time you better act like you're kissing Brad Pitt," said the man leaning his lips against Katie's.

Driven by fear, she opened her mouth to accept his tongue. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her against his hardness. Too frightened to resist, she found herself kissing him like they were lovers. His hands massaged her buttocks as their lips met and tongues intertwined. Let's swap some more spit,' said the man kissing Katie with more passion. Once again, Katie found herself unwilling to resist.

His remarks about using the tools on her had frightened her into submission. And so do a lot of women,' said the man. I never thought about it. Women who are raped often feel responsible for what happened even though it's not there fault, especially if they cooperate out of fear with their rapist. That's because their fantasizing about rape makes them feel guilty, like it's some sort of wish fulfillment, true or just psychobabble. I'll come around a year from now and ask you again.

You can provide an answer based on experience. Yea, you and I were making out just like we were in high school on a first date. His hands played across her butt cheeks. Katie was too terrified to do anything other than respond. She opened her mouth and accepted his tongue. She pursued his tongue with her own.

When he moved away for a second, she decided to make a plea. I won't go to the police. Latinos have these ugly dark brown tits, look like shit. I better you got a pink pussy, too. My boss gave me specific instructions that my partner and I were to bring you here. The boss will be along in a little while.

He said we were to entertain you until he arrived. He'll tell you what he has planned. Katie squirmed as a hand touched her crotch. Two fingers parted her labia and worked their way across her clitoris toward her vagina. One of the fingers probed her opening pressing slightly inward. I'm the mother of a teen-age daughter. I've never done anything to you. There's cash and credit cards in my purse. Just take what you want and let me go. I won't tell anyone," said Katie as she felt his the pad of his finger move into the entrance to her vagina and begin a gentle stroking.

His thumb was slowly windshield wiping across her clitoris. Your average rapist would probably beat the shit out of you then ram his cock into your dry cunt to make you scream. But I come on like a nice guy, practicing a little foreplay to make it interesting and you keep on whining. Now take your pick. Mean rapist or nice rapist? He could be pounding her with his fists.

She was in no position to resist. Nice pink nipples, rat-tail pussy hair, it's my lucky day. Bung hole's probably pink too, we'll get around to that later," said the voice. Katie realized he was enjoying the conversation. That snatch of yours has been empty for a long time," said the voice as he pushed a finger just inside the entrance to Katie's vagina.

I'm seeking to establish a rapport so that in a little while when my cock is inside you it won't be all that anonymous. She was terrified they planned to rape and kill her. She took some comfort from his statement that they did not intend to kill her. The man's fingers were gently stimulating her left breast while his other hand was slowly circling her clitoris creating a host of sensations that were causing confusion in Katie's normally orderly thought processes.

I can't die thought Katie. I can't leave Beth Ann alone. The thought of Beth Ann becoming an orphan panicked her. Katie's parents were dead. She'd have no one to look after her. Beth Ann needs me.

I have to do what it takes to survive. If he and the other man want to rape me, I can't stop them. And if I cooperate they're less likely to harm me. With my eyes covered I can't identify them. His fingers are arousing me sexually. I need to stay calm and not panic. Just don't hurt me," said Katie.

Hadn't the self-defense instructor said that if all else fails, you should go along to avoid a beating and possibly death? She needs me," said Katie. I've read your dossier. You're an open book, Ms. Both parents are deceased.

No brothers or sisters. Married and divorced once, single mom. No man in your life. Married to the job. We know about Beth Ann. Rising Senior at Drummond Park High next year, good student, cheerleader, on the swim team, our information is very complete.

You're getting wet by the way," said the voice moving a finger to the entrance to Katie's vagina then pushing slightly into the entrance.

I've seen it happen before. You're not the first female that old Ed has entertained without her consent. But until the boss shows up, you're all ours. You might as well relax. Remember the old Chinese proverb: If rape is inevitable, you might as well lay back and enjoy it. A minute ago, you were making the proper attitude adjustment.

Go with the flow. Bad things happen to good people. What's going to happen is going to happen? It will be easier for you if you relax and allow my partner and I to have some fun. We're like you; just a couple of hard working guys who do the grunt work and then the suits take all the credit and the fucking money.

Having a good-looking woman like you to party with is one of the few perks of my shitty job. Just breathe and stay relaxed. He's right you know. Just follow his advice and cooperate. I have to survive for Beth Ann. He buried his face in her crotch, licking around her clit. His hands reached up and massaged her nipples. Your average rapist would hold a knife to your throat while he rams his cock up your dry ass. How does this feel? Look, I'll do anything you want.

You can douche later. Get all that stinky sperm out of your cunt. A sigh involuntarily escaped her lips as he moved his tongue back and forth over her sex, tugging gently at her clitoris with his teeth.

The deep breathing increased her level of relaxation and with it her sensations of physical pleasure coming from her sex. Bill's going to love your cunt. He goes ape shit over big pussy lips. She'd always wished she were different down there. Katie recalled how she was teased in her high school gymnastics class for the way her sex appeared in the team uniform. The thin material formed into the deep folds of her labia and you could even see an outline of her clitoris.

Her mother had sewn some extra material into the uniform's crotch to make it decent. Katie moaned as his warm tongue passed over her clit and his finger stimulated the nerve endings concentrated at the entrance to her vagina. The best anything you could do for yourself is to get all horned up and ready for a fuck. Don't worry, we'll take good care of you," said the man. I know a girl who swears two cocks are better than one. I've never done anything to you? Remember what Hillary said when they asked him why he climbed Everest.

Well, you're here and we plan to climb you. Look, let's can the debate shit. You're here and helpless. Bill and I are going to rape you, end of story, understand? That's what I want. Here, I'll even help you out," said the man using his fingers to part her labia and applying his mouth noisily to her clit. Katie tried to move away but she was tightly restrained and movement of more than a few inches was impossible.

Once again, she reversed her motion and pressed her sex into his mouth. Don't give him an excuse to knock you around. When was the last time, you got eaten out, Katie? It's been a while. Lots of guys refuse to go down. Black guys believe eating pussy is for skinny white whimps. Did you know that? Tell me about your husband or I might decide to bite something off down here. Stupid question thought Katie. Women in general like for men to provide oral sex.

Her ex had eaten her countless times. Katie exhaled again as she experienced a warm sensation flow from the tissue surrounding her vagina. Her assailant had spread her labia and was tracing the tip of his tongue from the top of her clit down to her vagina swirling it around coating her sex with his warm saliva. Hardly two years, just enough for him to knock you up. He split right after you got home from the hospital with Beth Ann.

Ellis was a bad choice unfortunately not your last. Her earlier assumption that unknown robbers or rapists had grabbed her was turning out to be wrong. These men know whom I am and are informed of details of my personal life that not a lot of people knew. How could that be? Love the taste and smell of a warm wet twat, nothing like it. You're getting downright squishy.

Here, let me see if old puss is starting to flow on the inside," said the man as he moved his finger to the entrance of Katie's vagina. Katie felt the man's blunt finger slowly force its way inside her. A second finger entered her and began a slow back and forth motion. Katie found herself moaning and pushing against his fingers. Parker," spoke the older sounding voice of another man. His voice was deeper, mellower, and older, almost as if he had once been a radio announcer "Doing a little muff diving, Ed?

Parker insisted I eat her pussy before we fuck her, didn't you, Mrs. Love to eat snatch. My old man used to say the worst pussy he ever ate was wonderful," said Ed. She sensed the presence of the other man stepping closer. She immediately felt blunt thick fingers probe her vaginal opening, push inward and slip inside her now well-lubricated opening.

She's hot for you Ed, Fits my finger like a glove. Won't be so tight when we're done. Parker is going to give us a really awesome fuck. You're a fine looking woman for forty-two. Tits are nice," said the newcomer as he placed his hand on Katie's nipple and squeezed it. Andy says he can't leave for 30 minutes then he has to pick up Lea. With traffic, it will take another 30 minutes to drive out here," said the newcomer.

Ever do any muff diving, Mrs. Lea had resigned ostensibly to spend more time with her and Andy's three children. Katie and Lea had been friends and lunched together almost every day in the company cafeteria. Surely, it couldn't be them. But whom else did she know named Andy and Lea? She knew who Douglas was and she was starting to understand what this was all about. Ed still kneeling attacked her sex with his mouth, his tongue tracing warm liquid paths around her clitoris. A forefinger reached inside her vagina and found that special place that amplified her pleasure many fold.

Another finger worked its way between her buttocks and came to rest against her anus. Katie's upper lip felt the stiff bristles of a mustache. She met Bill's tongue with hers and took turns invading each other's mouth. Bill's hands pressed and massaged her breasts. Ed's saliva-coated finger pressed firmly against the pucker of her anus then slipped past the sphincter creating a sensation of pleasure that engulfed her emotions overwhelming everything but the need for the pleasure not to stop.

Rape can't be like this thought Katie. What's happening to me? I'm only doing what's necessary to survive and get back alive to my daughter. I can't think about this any other way. If pretending to enjoy this keeps me from being harmed or killed and gets me back safe and sound to take care of my daughter, then it's the right thing. Chapter 4 Please take note! First orgasm goes to Katie Parker," said Ed slowly taking his mouth off Katie's clit.

Moments before he had been alternating long swirls of his tongue around the small nubbin of tissue with a vigorous sucking action. Katie's love button was reddish, slightly extended, and dripping with saliva. Somehow the fact that she was helpless and couldn't use her hands on her sex had created an erotic impulse that when combined with the high degree of tactile stimulation she was receiving resulted in an orgasm that left Katie both breathless and deeply humiliated.

There was no denying I reached a climax being manipulated by two strangers thought Katie. That only proves I'm a survivor rationalized the still shaking women. I'm a mother who's determined to stay alive for her daughter's sake. Stop worrying about issues of morality and live for God's sake.

It's not supposed to happen that way to a decent woman. When you go into therapy over your rape, I would be very interested in your explanation of why you reached orgasm.

Who gives a damn what she tells her shrink," said Bill. Bill had bee kissing Katie and massaging her breasts for the last several minutes. Ed had been on his knees licking around Katie's clitoris while his fingers probed her vagina and anus. Two of Ed's fingers rubbing hard against Katie's G-spot combined with rapid clitoral stimulation had brought Katie to a quick and strong orgasm in spite of her situation. Katie had never had a problem reaching an orgasm even though it was self-induced.

Still, it had left her breathless and shaking as her body took over causing her to convulse and shake for several seconds. Those walls were pulsing like they were desperate for dick," said Ed. Is it meeting your expectations? All this foreplay has gotten me in the mood to unload my gun," said Bill right before he planted a light kiss on Katie's lips. Katie tried to think of something to say as she listened to the two men undress.

Katie heard the sound of shoes hitting the floor and clothes being tossed onto some nearby furnishing. They make you like the Energizer Bunny, I can just keep going and going and going," said Bill. He gave me a free sample," said Ed. Well, you'll know soon enough how big it is. The little lady's horny as hell and anxious as a ten dollar whore, aren't you Katie?

Katie felt them lift her up. Her tied wrists came off the hook that was holding them. But remember, any scratching, hitting, biting, or gouging and there's that supply of hand tools I mentioned," said Ed.

Katie felt each man take one of her hands as they led her several steps. She knelt then sat down on the mattress. She immediately realized how thirsty she was and took several more.

Katie listened to the sound of a coin landing on the concrete floor and bouncing. At the woman's self defense class, the instructor had mentioned that rapists often penetrate their victim's rectum in order to cause them pain and increase their sense of control.

But up to this point Katie had not realized they intended to rape her anally. She recalled that years ago, she and Ellis had engaged in anal intercourse. It wasn't all that bad thought Katie. It hurt at first but I quickly relaxed. I remember that I got off by playing with my clit while Ellis fucked my butthole.

A little scan never hurt anyone. Lots of animals eat their own shit. Dogs love it," said Ed. Katie felt her wrists being grabbed and she scooted in the direction they pulled her. On your back and spread them," said Bill.

Katie felt her ankles being grabbed and pulled apart. She made a slight 'oof' sound as she felt Bill's body weight press her into the mattress. He was naked and she could feel his hairy legs against her. She also felt his sizeable cock resting on her belly. Katie felt Bill reach down with his hand to grab his cock and rub it up and down across her sex.

He was fully erect and the mushroom head easily parted her labia. She also sensed that he was well endowed and the blunt end of his cock was poised over a much smaller opening. I haven't done this in a while," breathed Katie spreading her hips to accommodate Bill's cock.

However, that's one hell of a dildo you keep in your nightstand. If you been sticking that in your twat, you should have no problem with Bill's Johnson," said Ed. My God they've been in my house and gone through my things realized Katie. You show how grateful you are by fucking back. It's going to be nice straight fuck to start with," said Bill pressing his cock head further into Katie's opening. There was a moment of sharp discomfort as his cock wedged open her vaginal opening.

Fortunately their previous stimulation had lubricated her sex and there wasn't a lot of friction just pressure as Bill's cock wedged open her vagina. Bill pushed inside an inch or two and stopped. He placed his ear against her chest. Just before you sink it home you listen to their heart. Katie's ticker is beating like a trip hammer.

It knows a peter is going in the well," said Bill. She had fantasized about being raped. And the current reality was close to her imaginings. At first, she'd been terrified out of her mind that they intended to kill her.

However, the way Ed and Bill acted convinced her they were merely having their fun with her before Andy arrived. Andy must have found out somehow she sent the letter to the SEC. God knows what Andy and Lea might do to her but Katie for reasons she couldn't explain assumed it would not include murder. Maybe they will just warn me and let me go. Andy may be a crook but he's not a killer Katie told herself. Until he arrives, I'll cooperate with these two so they don't hurt me. Katie sensed he was taking it slow to savor each moment.

Katie grunted in response to serious pressure in her vagina. She made another attempt to adjust her body to accommodate what she sensed was a sizeable cock. It felt much larger than the dildos she had been using.

A low moan escaped her mouth as the intruder produced a wave of pleasure from the flesh lining the walls of her vagina. Katie guessed that he was sitting on the edge of the mattress. Katie responded to the kiss by opening her lips and sticking her tongue out to touch against Bill's.

She pressed the soles of her feet against the mattress to gain leverage and pushed upward to force Bill's cock deeper. Bitch is hungry for my cock," said Bill as he pushed in to where his ball sack smacked against Katie's asshole. Katie groaned and whispered, "That's good, that's good. Screwing is like ridding a bicycle thought Katie as she fell into a rhythm of responding to Bill's thrusts.

This isn't so bad Katie told herself. At some point, Bill rose to his knees and grabbed her breasts mauling them with his hard hands. His male hands pawing her sensitive breasts and twisting her nipples caused her passion to become more intense. It was at that point that Katie let go of her inhibitions. Maul my tits, make them hurt," hissed Katie through clinched teeth. Bill responded by grasping her nipples in his fingers and pinching and pulling them hard as if her was trying to lift her off the mattress by her buds.

One that likes hard cock and her nipples screaming in pain," said Bill. Katie had recalled something her yoga instructor had said about dealing with difficult and uncomfortable postures. Bake them until you can make them. That meant pretend you enjoy and love it until you actually do.

Bake this fuck until I can make this fuck work whispered Katie. A woman can easily fuck two men and wear them out if she wants. I can do this. Ride that tiger, Bill," said Ed. As soon as Bill lay back down on Katie she used her long arms and legs to reach around and grab Bill's buttocks pulling him hard against her sex. She ground her groin against Bill's maximizing the pressure against her clit. Katie climaxed as his coarse pubic hair scraped over her tender flesh.

As she climaxed, she raised her body wrapped herself tight around Bill and clutched him to her as she screamed, "I'm going to cum again," "Our little Katie's a cock humper, look at her, she's hitting her mark again,' said Ed. Her body convulsed as she wrapped her arms around Bill and hugged him to her with all her strength.

Katie's reaction brought on Bill's climax. He pressed her back hard against the mattress as he pounded away in her hole. He placed both hands on her breasts and transferred most of his body weight to his palms. Katie's flattened titties cushioned his hands as he delivered a dozen thrusts before his sperm spewed into her cunt. A final half dozen hard half thrusts completely emptied his ball sack.

He fell forward onto Katie then slipped off to the side breathing heavily. Katie was covered in sweat and gasping for air as she placed a hand between her legs and felt Bill's sperm oozing out of her cunt.

Wish the boss would let us take some pictures. But that sure is a pretty sight," said Bill rubbing his index finger across Katie's sex smearing the semen around. Katie felt fingers touch her vagina and spread the spunk around in a circle. When the semen-covered fingers stroked her clit she realized she wanted more sex. Katie rose up on one elbow, unscrewed the bottle cap and took a long drink. My girl friend takes it up the ass all the time whether she wants it or not. Last week, Kim had one too many at her sister's birthday party.

Dumb bitch drove home drunk way over the legal limit. Surprised she didn't get arrested for DUI. She passed out beside our bed. When I got home, I screwed her in the butt to punish her for being so stupid. She cried and carried on but she was too drunk to stop me, "said Ed.

She was dry and tight. Damn straight I did. Stupid cunt could have killed herself or someone else," said Ed. I told her the next time she pulled a stupid stunt like that, I'd do something she'd never forget," said Ed. She's the only one that would put up with your sorry ass," said Bill. She felt Ed moving to where he was kneeling at her rear. Katie felt something warm and wet being sprayed around her anus.

Was your husband the only one who ever screwed you in the ass? Want a beer, Katie? She was afraid that anal intercourse would prove painful. Just rest it on the arms and think about how terrific it's going to be having my cock in your ass. Positive thoughts are the secret to anal intercourse according to Cosmo. There was a great article in the June issue about how to really enjoy anal. Katie took a long swallow as she felt Ed's fingers working and stretching her anal ring.

He was placing two fingers in her anal ring and slowly pulling outward in different directions. Katie took a swallow of beer then reached between her legs to stroke her clitoris with her fingers.

She started a slow rubbing motion. Katie moaned from the dual stimulation of her clit and her anus. I'll hold it open," said Ed. Katie felt movement at her rear. She also sensed the splash of lubricant inside her rectum then she felt some run out of her butt and down to her pussy. Don't you want Katie to have good memories of her anal rape? Katie felt another splash of lubricant in her rectum.

Ed's fingers immediately entered her bottom as he worked her hole open. Ed's stretching has been uncomfortable but not really painful. I need a little mouth action. Stay still or all your oil will run out. I need a little help here, Bill, want to seal the hole for me? Weird, how it looks inside there. My doctor wants me to have one of those exams where they put a TV up your ass to look for cancer," said Bill.

Katie felt Ed move directly in front of her face. She grunted as she sensed another thick finger slip into her rectum. She opened her mouth and allowed the semi-soft cock to enter. I haven't had a man's cock in my mouth since I was dating Robert Stalsworth thought Katie. Robert was a married man she had met and had an affair with soon after she had divorced Ellis.

Katie blamed the affair on the fact she was on the rebound and her judgment was impaired. She had allowed Robert to stop by after work for a quick blowjob on far too many occasions. His booty calls had taken a serious toll on her pride and self esteem. What kind of a no self esteem women would allow a man to come by without calling, drop his trousers and expect a blowjob before hurrying home to the wife and kids was the conclusion that led Katie to finally break off the affair.

Of course when their affair started, Robert promised to leave his wife. A year later, Katie had ended it realizing that Robert had no intentions of seeking a divorce.

Robert loved for Katie to suck his cock and an infatuated Katie had at first worked hard to please him even researching articles on how to provide the perfect blowjob. She's sucked off every guard at Enron Center.

Last week, I caught her coming out of the fourth floor janitor's closet with Roger. She was wiping his spunk off her chin," said Bill. Katie was working hard to bring Ed to a full erection.

Katie had just figured out that Ed and Bill were not only Enron employees but were members of the uniformed security detail that constantly prowled Enron Center. She reasoned they were talking about the pretty Latina named Maria that normally manned the main entrance's guard station when Katie was leaving after normal work hours.

Katie recalled that the other guard was a tall black man whose nametag read "Roger". After normal working hours, employees were required to sign in and out. Katie had always exchanged a few pleasant words with the guards. Katie forced Ed's cockhead to the back of her throat burying her nose and lips in his pubic hair. Recalling what Robert liked, she snaked her tongue out and licked the bottom ridge of Ed's cock as she rhythmically forced his cock head against the opening of her throat.

She alternated that with ducking under his cock to lick and suck his balls. Ed held his cock to allow her to take each testicle in her mouth and give it a gentle tongue massage. Turns out it is a antihistamine gel. It stopped the burning and itch and I was able to go outside and enjoy the rest of the holiday.

By jnkwasni on Nov 5, Got back from Puerto Rico and it seems I am a victim to these notorious monsters. Itching and marks came up about 3 — 4 days after I left the beach. Riddled on my feet and legs. I have understood the variety of different ways of reducing the itching, which is very creative to say the least. Also, are these infections prone to come back possible repeat outbreaks or only appear during feeding freenzies?

By John on Nov 17, Can anyone help me here, my father went to a beach in portugal, when on the beach he felt a slight itch, to his arms legs and buttocks. Ever since that day he has been having small attacks of very itchy small spots to his skin and a rash that appears to look like as if he has dermatitis. He thinks it is something he picked up off the beach, and at this time has loads of small spot to his arms legs and buttocks. I would appreciate any advice.. By Helena on Nov 25, I feel for everyone affected by these annoying insects.

I have traveled in Mexico and Africa and have been attacked terribly by these tiny giants. I was told that these sand fleas will enter your pore and that is why the itch is so bad and last for weeks. That if they get in they actually are feeding on us.

What I found with the vinegar was that when I rubbed it in the bite it would open up the pour and I could actually feel what felt like sand come out. To tiny for me to tell what it looked like. I also brought them home and they liked my bedroom on myside of the bed. My husband would not get bit just me. I began to spray my room when I was gone with just Raid flea spray really low to the carpet and would close the room.

Come back later and air it out and that would bring relief for a long time. Now the biting is minimal. I have learned to spray my luggage before I come home and leave my luggage outside until Im ready to sort it and throw everything in the wash before it goes back in my house.

My sister sold it at the time and she gave me some. I should still be all scared up but Im not, they have all disappeared. I have a few current bites that have scard but I know will disappeard once I apply the royal jelly. The vinegar is just the inexpensive white distilled vinegar.

You will notice you will begin to bleed but I think that is because what was still biting has let go. I think its a good sign. We slept on blow up mattress with mosquite netting over us. I got sand flea bites where they crawled up the mattress and under the netting. What can you put on the mattress to stop them from getting in? I had at least 50 bites on my hands and arms. The Nicaraguan dr who was with us told me it was sand fleas. I have tried the dryer sheets did not help and I hate hate hate OFF.

Allergic to skin so soft. I am very sensitive to any insect bite. Mosquites just love me. Had over bites on a previous trip. Had to have Malaria testing.

Will be going back in Sept. Not looking forward to the itching. Need to do it just as soon as you come in from the yard. Do not let them get a chance to start biting. No I promise I am not crazy. Just be careful about open flames such as cigarettes. You might want to check a small area of your skin first to make sure you are not allergic to it.

We use to live on a farm in rural Ky. They would eat us up. Gasoline works really well. Get someone to help you get it on the areas you cannot reach. Just avoid your face and eyes and around your vaginal area where it could be absorbed. Guys you should be okay putting it on your privates. Thats a favorite spot for the little boogers. By Laura on Jun 1, I live on the emerald isle beach in NC and I have had no problems maybe being a local keeps them away.

Hanlans Point is a nude beach By Jeff on Jun 20, I got attacked by what I think is sand fleas while watching fireworks yesterday. A natural remedy that works so well I only had to apply twice today, and afterwards for hours had no itching. The bites have multiplied on my legs and havE developed rashes on mybupper arms.

So far I have tried: Zyrtec, generic loratadine pills both antihistamines , hydrocortisone, aloe Vera gel with lidocaine. Those relieved he itch a little but not much. Now I am downing generic Benadryl every hours, a aveeno oatmeal bath nightly, aveeno anti itch lotion, and last night, I added a baking soda paste to the regimen. If it does get worse I will have to go to the doctor and beg for mercy.

By Cecilia on Aug 13, I recently was at up north on a hot, humid day, standing by the river at night near a campfire and came home with hundreds of bites on my legs and feet and a few on my arms.

I knew they could not be mosquito bites as I have never had mosquito bites like this. The itching is driving me around the bend and like others have said I seem to ge getting new bites every day.

My right leg actually started going red and swelling and I now have an infection from all the scratching. I am on antibiotics and using Benadryl — infection better but itching still happening two weeks later.

I am so relieved to know I am not the only one this is happening to — I thought I was losing my mind! Worst experience in my life. It itches like crazy I literally have bite marks on each leg. I am seriously sad. I been itching like crazy. My life is on pause at the moment.. Any of you have scars from this? Im scared of the beach and I will never get a pet.

I bought Cortizone, Aloe Burn Relief spray, Tea Tree oil, Vitamin E externally and internally, Garlic pills so they can stop sucking my blood, and coco butter… I bomb my place twice stayed in a hotel for a week. Now im calling the exterminator and getting my carpet and furniture steam cleaned.. Then im going to the doctor.

I know it sounds like im exaggerating but this is very serious. I need 2 see a therapist. I wish I could find all of them and put then in a bag and watch them lil invisible bastards burn to death..

God please help me.. By praying for a mirical on Sep 19, Good grief, people. Have you never been bitten by bed bugs!? Flea bites suck and itch, but come on, a mosquito bite is more itchy than a bed bug bite? Got lots of bites which are multiplying. Was on the beach, and sat in some shells, also out on the beach at night. Will never do that again. I am trying hydrogen peroxide and calomine. May also try the apple cider vinegar for the itching.

I also have been taking benadryl which helps a little, I can tell when it wears off. By Gay on Oct 16, Just came home from teh Turks and Caicos and my legs are covered with the damn bites. Some of teh bites are now pitted and oozing. I have had sever reactions to mosquito bites before but nothing like this and new spots keep popping up.

Was in Cuba for my 2nd time; no bites my first time but this time had lots of what looked like mosquito bites but was told they are sand fleas.

Whistleblower's Punishment

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